Additional Testing & Active Recovery


The technological advances have made blood testing easily accessible to practical anyone. Now, athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts can use blood testing to ensure they have what they need for optimal performance. Blood testing can even be used to address small imbalances or even predict potentially larger problems before it’s too late. Among the benefits, the information from a blood test can help to make changes that will improve metabolism and cognition, optimize mood, build muscle, and reduce inflammation.

Basic Information: hs-CRP
Advanced Cholesterol: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL Triglycerides, Lp(a) and ApoB
Thyroid & Blood Sugar: TSH, Glucose and HbA1c
Performance Hormones: DHEA, Free Testosterone, Testosterone, Estradiol and SHBG (male/female)
Metabolic Hormones: Cortisol, IGF-1 (Growth hormone surrogate) and Insulin
Liver & Kidney Health: BUN/Creatine, AST & ALT, Total Bilirubin, Albumin and Total Protein
Basic Nutrients: 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, Calcium, Electrolytes and Bicarbonate
Advanced Nutrients: Ferritin (Serum), Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Folate, Vitamin 12 and RBC Magnesium

If you’re looking to ensure you’re in optimum health consider blood work. It can provide insights that standard fitness testing cannot and can be performed quickly and affordably.



Uniquely designed to combine the benefits of pneumatic compression and cold therapy. This anatomical wrap is ideal for post-surgical application or as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program to help reduce edema and decrease pain.

Anatomical shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle wrap designed to combine the benefits of pneumatic compression with cold therapy; features pump bulb that detaches once desired compression is achieved. Indicated for post-op application and as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program; helps diminish swelling/edema, decrease pain and reduce muscle spasms. Manufactured from plush foam laminate with contact closure straps, removable gel pack with tricot lining and non-toxic gel; additional universal extension straps available.

Recovery Edge

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is a medical grade compression pump device that has revolutionized the speed with which athletes can now recover at home, every day. Simply zip in to the device and turn it on. High levels of adjustable compression quickly fill the device with superior bottom-to-top sequential compression. This adjustable compression forces the body to flush out metabolic waste and acid build up; which if left stagnant, would cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle. This compression therapy also increases circulation which helps to move those waste products out of the body.


The TheraGun is the #1 muscle treatment device that heals through vibration therapy. Lightweight, handheld, and battery-operated, TheraGun increases blood flow, relieves muscle spasms, breaks up scar tissue, and decreases muscle stiffness.

Berg Polar Care Cube

Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System is a simple and reliable system manufactured by Berg to reduce pain and provide compression. The design is compact and its


  • Reliable and effective
  • Pump is strong and has whisper quiet pump technology that allows a peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • Flow rate is high that allows even pad temperature
  • Reduced pain and swelling allows a faster recovery
  • Provides motorized cold treatment for hours
  • Maintains an average operating temperature range between 45° and 55°
  • The unique elastic strap of the Breg Polar Pads can be wrapped around the joint conveniently to fix the pad at its place.
  • These WrapOn pads are compatible only with Glacier, Cube and Cub models.