Body Panel Testing

The technological advances have made blood testing easily accessible to practical anyone. Now, athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts can use blood testing to ensure they have what they need for optimal performance. Blood testing can even be used to address small imbalances or even predict potentially larger problems before it’s too late. Among the benefits, the information from a blood test can help to make changes that will improve metabolism and cognition, optimize mood, build muscle, and reduce inflammation.

Basic Information: hs-CRP
Advanced Cholesterol: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL Triglycerides, Lp(a) and ApoB
Thyroid & Blood Sugar: TSH, Glucose and HbA1c
Performance Hormones: DHEA, Free Testosterone, Testosterone, Estradiol and SHBG (male/female)
Metabolic Hormones: Cortisol, IGF-1 (Growth hormone surrogate) and Insulin
Liver & Kidney Health: BUN/Creatine, AST & ALT, Total Bilirubin, Albumin and Total Protein
Basic Nutrients: 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, Calcium, Electrolytes and Bicarbonate
Advanced Nutrients: Ferritin (Serum), Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Folate, Vitamin 12 and RBC Magnesium

If you’re looking to ensure you’re in optimum health consider blood work. It can provide insights that standard fitness testing cannot and can be performed quickly and affordably.