• Seven D1 NCAA Champions      
  • 24 NBA 1st round picks in 11 years
  • Since 2014, 21 NBA players signed 
  • Over 100 clients signed D1 athletic scholarships                                                

Elite Skills Training Monthly Skill & Performance Academy

  • $50.00/$75.00 Sibling Registration Fee and T-Shirt.
  • $170.00 a month for one class per week.
  • $210.00 a month for two classes per week.
  • Drop-in price: $50 per session.
  • Sibling discount; $200.00 once a week.
  • Sibling discount; $250.00 twice a week.
  • All training session are 1.5 hours.

Elite Skills Training Monthly Skill & Performance Training
Skill & Performance Training Options


  • $50.00/$75.00 Sibling Registration Fee and T-Shirt.
  • $800.00 a month for three times a week.
  • Drop-in price: $90 per session.
  • Sibling discount; $1200.00 three times a week.
  • Training session are either skill or performance training (for that day). 
  • All training session are 1.0 hour.


  • $50.00/$75.00 Sibling Registration Fee and T-Shirt.
  • $1000.00 a month for three times a week.
  • Drop-in price: $100 per session.
  • Sibling discount; $1400.00 three times a week.
  • Training session are either skill or performance training, along with active recovery after one of the weekly session.
  • All training session are 1.0 hour (session with active recovery 1.5 hour).


All credit cards must be on file and charge the first Wednesday of the month. If paying check, first two months is due at signing and will need to pay monthly the next month on the first Wednesday. Must give a 30-day notice!


Owner: Tony Falce

Coach Falce has been turning High School athletes into Pros for over 23 years. His passion and respect to the sport is second to none. His programs are designed in helping athletes develop speed, agility, balance and strength. His training style is unique and makes every client’s goal very achievable. Coach Falce has worked extensively with NBA Pre-Draft, Pro, College, High School, and Club/AAU programs across the country. Training with High School powerhouse programs and players from Seton La Salle in Pittsburgh, PA., Clark in Las Vegas, NV. and Legendary Basketball Head Coach Shakey Rodriguez at Mater Academy. In the last four years,  19 players have signed with NBA teams and since 2006, 24 players have been selected in the NBA 1st round. One of the global leaders in training with well over 100 clients signed D1 athletic scholarships and seven D1 NCAA Champions. Within the last few years, some of his programs have been featured in HBO Sports, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SunSentinel and SB Nation.

Falce earned a bachelor’s degree in education in 1994 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During his time at IUP, he was a two-year starter and one of the last players in college football to play both offensively and defensively. In 1993, he led the NCAA in quarterback sacks per plays, averaging a sack every 22 plays. Also in that year, his team played in the National Championship Game.

Falce has Two Certifications from Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA) and has been a Master Director for PROPTA since 2003. His certification is in Professional Private Training and Nutrition Specialist. In 2013, Falce became certified as a NASM & ACE Master Trainer for Stroops Functional Performance.

Director of Operations: Brandon Dean

Since joining Elite Skills Training in 2014, Coach Dean has worked his way from intern to Director of Operations. His unique understanding and view of the training has helped take the business to another level. His work ethic and attention to detail are unmatched. He prides himself on helping each player reach an elite level on the court as well as in the weight room. Coach Dean has a training style geared towards developing stronger, more explosive, more-skilled, smarter athletes. Coach Dean has worked with NBA pre draft, pro basketball, NCAA, high school, prep school, and AAU programs in numerous cities throughout Florida and the Northeast. Within the past two years he has worked pre draft camps which have helped over 25 athletes earn NBA Summer League roster spots. Dean earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in Exercise Science and the other in Business, from Ave Maria University.

After transferring to AMU, Dean spent his last three years as a starter and captain of the basketball team. Over those three years he was named Team MVP, Male Athlete of the Year, and made the All Conference Team in what is said to be the best conference in the country for that level. He was known as the best pure scorers in the conference.


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Nutrition Products- CCN

In the sports nutrition industry there are a lot of companies trying to capitalize on the high demand for products that help people reach their goals. The problem is most of these companies focus on flashy, cheesy marketing and their product quality is secondary. At CCN we realize the importance of professional marketing but we feel it must be supported by high quality tested and studied products. Without that level of quality the company and the customer’s success are unsustainable.

As a trainer and working in the industry for over 23 years. I have come across nutrition products from all over the world. The two products from CCN; PEAK ATP COMPOUND and THE FAT FIX, are some of the top products on the market. Using organic ingredients, along with NON-GMO, each product is clinically tested and received outstanding reviews. Working with athletes from High School to Pro. PEAK ATP COMPOUND and THE FAT FIX are used with my women and men clients. Currently we are working with NBA, NFL, NHL, Pro, College and High Schools programs from around the world.

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